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Weight Loss | The struggle is real

Obesity is a complex and multi-factorial chronic condition with genetic, environmental, physiological and behavioural determinants.

It is also one of the most difficult subjects that people in general prefer not to talk about. The identification of obesity can be damaging to ones self confidence, crippling to motivation and long term health outcomes.

Here at Nedlands Medical Centre we understand that each patient is sensitive and has a unique story and life context. Our GPs are ready to listen to your story, in a safe, non judgemental, non stigmatising manner, ensuring that your weight loss journey is patient centered, with achievable steps and goals.

We offer assessments, advice, resources and follow ups to help you discover and assist with your weight loss journey. Call our reception team on 9389 8964 to book you an appointment. Let them know that you would like to start your weight loss journey with us.


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