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Welcome Dr G

Dr Vasanth Govindappa moved here to Perth WA in 2012 with his wife and two young boys from Glasgow, Scotland. Having worked and trained there for 12 years they decided that the sunny skies of Perth would make for a great place to settle down and raise the boys.

Dr G (as he has been nicknamed by patients and staff alike) has worked in medical centres across Perth and has chosen Nedlands as a place he would like to consider home.

He is interested in providing holistic care and looks after many families, from young children to elderly providing care each individual needs.

He also provides care for chronic health issues like diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic heart disease and COPD along with weight management and mental health.

Areas of interest include

  • All aspects of skin, including checks, biopsies, removals and minor surgery

  • Cosmetic and therapeutic injections

  • Plant based treatment options for anxiety, chronic pain, ibs and other conditions

  • Mental Health

  • Men’s Health

  • Chronic Disease Management

When he gets time away from the surgery he enjoys cycling, cricket and spending quality time with his family


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