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When the doctor is away...

Sometimes our GPs need to take some time away, this might be because they have booked a holiday, other times it could be to take care of a relative, attend a family wedding overseas or because they are not well themselves.

Here at Nedlands Medical Centre, we understand that our patients like to see their regular GP because of the relationship that they have forged over the years. They know that their regular doctor understands them and knows exactly how they feel and what they need. We get that unique relationship and do not want to make light of those bonds ever, which is why we are confident in the doctors that we have here.

Nedlands Medical Centre knows that the quality of care given by the General Practitioners here will in no way be compromised if any of our doctor's are away.

Our GPs here encourage our patients to not be afraid to book in and see any of our other doctors in their absence. The care should be seamless and uninterrupted, if the GPs who are here can help we know that they will do exactly that.


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